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Which websites supported for converter?
Our Web-App MP3 Convert supports YouTube platform only. We do work both with videos and with shorts. We don't support playlists, use the YouTube search page we provide for easy mass find-and-download functionality.
How long can a video be for download to happen?
We limit the maximum length of videos to 180 minutes. It is so that all downloads could go fast, for everyone.
Where do you save the file on my device?
You save the file to your device in the default download folder indicated in browser's settings menu.
Which formats are converted?
You can convert YouTube video to MP3 or MP4 file format.
How to change the file format on converter?
Click on the button that says «MP3» and the file format will become MP4. Click the button again to change format back to MP3.
The conversion takes a long time to start. Why so?
Try to delete your browser cache and reload the site, do the conversion again. If nothing helps, try a different browser. Our site is designed to work in all browsers, but maybe sometimes something prevents the right operation, so cleaning our website data helps (go Inspect tab, then Application, and Clean All Data)
How to save files to my iPhone? Do you know what to do?
We don't own Apple devices, but if your device is restricted to only iTunes downloads - try Documents app, or switch to Android.
How to stop the annoying browser notifications?
Simply look for our site title on the notifications, and right-click to disable. You can also go into browser settings, then type into search to find Notifications, there locate our website and toggle OFF the switch next to it. Path and setup varies by browser, but it's still quite the standard process.
Site says "error". What to do now?
Usually error happens when you try to convert livestreams (not supported), videos that are longer than 3 hours, private videos, age restricted videos, and sometimes super geo-restricted ones that we cannot find a way to access. If your situation is not described here, then please, send us a message via the contact form (link below).
I have a question that's not answered here.
If your question is not present here, please, use the contact form to get in touch with us.