Yt Mp3 Convert Browser Extension

If you decide to install our browser Add-On (YT MP3 CONVERT / YouTube Converter), you'll see a new icon on your browser toolbar. Then using the icon, you can start converting YouTube video to Mp3 with just a single click. Check it out, it's easy to install the Add-On. First choose your browser and then click on the Install button below. You will be redirected to the Add-On Page in the appropriate browser repository.

Add to Firefox Add to Opera Add to Edge

Once the installed, go ahead and open a video on YouTube using same browser. And click on the new icon. A tiny menu will pop up with «Convert to MP3», «Convert to MP4» and «Visit Website» buttons. Pick the format you want, click the button and you will be sent to our website ( Mp3 conversion will start right away. After the conversion is finished, you will be able to save Mp3 file by clicking the «Download» button. In case you wanted MP4 - just select the video format.

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