Bookmarklet a.k.a. Shortcut for quick access

Our Bookmarklet is extremely easy to set up and use. Simply drag and then drop this button below into your browser bookmarks. This you will create have a «Convert to MP3» bookmark, it's just a bookmark, you don't install it - just drag 'n drop it, so to remove - simply delete the bookmark. Now then, when you are on YouTube and kinda like to download the video you're watching, - just click on our bookmark, and you will be redirected to our converter website. YouTube to Mp3 will start work instantly and automatically.

Download MP3

If you like to extract MP4 from any video the same way with the Bookmark button - use the Download MP4 shortcut below, and you're all set. Drag and drop it to bookmarks same way.

Download MP4

If you like using this site, and enjoy these Bookmarklets, please, share tell your friends and family about it, also maybe post on social media. Thank you for your help and support is also appreciated!