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YouTube has tons of music and videos, it is full of awesome music. You can find all types of music to listen and watch and stream. But YouTube has no download function for all this music and videos. That's where our free Youtube to Mp3 converter comes in. We know how to help you out in this situation.

Our Web-App Yt Mp3 Convert can help you find and download your favorite YouTube videos and save to your device as MP3 (audio format) or MP4 (video format) files in the most effective way. You can use our Web-App on any device – it is optimized to work on desktops, laptops, tablets, all mobile devices, even Playstations and Xboxes. There is no additional software install required to use our Mp3 Converter, just have your preferred Internet browser at the ready.

How does one convert and save a video from YouTube? Follow this steps by steps guide and you will succeed.

1. Goto YouTube website or app, and search for the video you want to convert and download. You can also use search page to look up and find YouTube videos from here. No need for copy-paste the video link.

2. Open the video and wait until it starts playing in your browser or app. Then, just copy the video URL from your browser address bar (copy-paste part). Press Share in your browser and select Copy Link. Or in YouTube app click the standard Android/IOS share button, then Copy Link from the menu.

3. Come back to our Mp3 Converter and paste the video link (URL). Then select the download format to convert the video. You can pick between MP3 and MP4 formats. By default converter does MP3 format, so if you want the video file - select MP4 option.

4. And now simply click on the «Convert» button. The conversion will begin, it may take a few moments, the longer the video - the more it might take to convert it. We will try to convert the video in the best available quality. But be aware that it is only possible to download videos that are up to 180 minutes long, this limitation is enforced to guarantee that the conversion will be done within a few minutes.

5. When conversion is over, you will see a «Download» button. Download will start automatically when you click that button. File will be available if needed quick re-download for a few minutes after.

Daily quote: Two birds with one stone - mp3 & mp4 converter.

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